Emo Style Music Genre – What Kind Of Music Is It?

Emo style and musicYou must have heard of the term “emo”, but if you have not heard of this term, it might be a little confusing. For many young ones, the unique emo style has become one of the trends and fashion icons.

Emo is a style or fashion, and we can all agree on that. The sad mood play a significant role in their style, which is why black represents the style. Common for emo style is wearing tight black jeans and black t-shirt. The fashion complements with dyed black hair, with some bright lines in their hair.

Now we talk about the style of emo music. From the words “emotional music,” which emo was derived from, it goes along the emotional feel of sadness and depression. The style is a blend of hard punk and indie rock movement. Emo music started in the early 1990s but did not become popular until the early 2000s.

The influence of emotional ’emo’ music has been there for many years, but only after a decade the emo style and music became quite popular. The music took a different route from post-hardcore to emo music, so emo is music diverges from punk post-hardcore/hardcore.

Emo is a rock music style defined by an emphasis on emotional feeling and at times through confessional lyrics. Emo music performers often voice on various problems in their lives with a scream accompanied by aggressive guitar sounds and a heavy drum beat. Broken heart, anger, or confusion are often the theme of their music.

While emo may not be as popular as before, it is still a thing in our time. The evolution of emo is making a comeback, and many continue to love emo style and music.